Awards ceremony

November 2, 2013 Posted by benit

Junior Boys

1   ISR 309   Itai Kafri
2   ISR 303   Guy Sitin
3   ISR 961   Adam Tzachar

Junior Girls

1   ISR 630   Katy Spychakov
2   POL 313   Lidia Sulikowska
3   ISR 252   Yarden Isaak

Youth Boys

1   ISR 639   Ofek Elimelech
2   UKR 46    Oleksandr Goncharenko
3   RUS 9       Nikita Prozorov

Youth Girls

1   RUS 13     Mariam Sekhposyan
2   ISR 615   Shoval Ravitzki
3   ISR 620   Noy Drihan

After duty

November 2, 2013 Posted by benit

After duty

Game over

November 2, 2013 Posted by benit

Last protest time is 14:02.

IMG_1173 IMG_1174 IMG_1175_stitch

Boys finished 3 races

November 2, 2013 Posted by benit

All boys are returning to shore after completing three races.

Girls in race 10, the last one.


Last competition day started

November 2, 2013 Posted by benit

This morning the wind seems to be better than last two days.

All went out to sea hoping for a successful finish.


No third race today

November 1, 2013 Posted by benit

The races for today have been completed.

Two races, 6 & 7, have been completed.

As explained by Ceri Williams, Class Chairman, the championship rule that applied today: CR.3.3

Championship Rules apply as invoked in NoR and this particular rule is not amended by the SI’s. Todays races were held in “marginal planing” conditions.



No more than 2 races per day shall be sailed in marginal (for most of the fleet) planing conditions. A third race may be sailed if:

a) The first two races were sailed in planing conditions or

b)  one of the first two races was sailed in planning conditions and planing conditions exist constantly before the start of the third race.

Race 6 is almost done

November 1, 2013 Posted by benit

With 7-9 knots wind this day began much better than yesterday.
This morning pictures on shore:

Before leaving to the sea

And after it

No more races today

October 31, 2013 Posted by benit

After the second race for today has been stopped and all competitors returned to shore, it has been decided that today will be no more races, as wind didn’t strengthen.


Race 6 has been stopped

October 31, 2013 Posted by benit


Race 5 ended slowly

October 31, 2013 Posted by benit

It seems the wind gets stronger, but still weak.

The first race of today, race 5, had very poor wind – 5-6 knots.

The second race of today started now for the Youth Boys. Junior Boys have been recalled after start.

It will probably be the last race for today unless the wind gets stronger.